Hello lovelies! 

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ve been spending it with my husband and a handful of our friends out in the country in a secluded house. We are surrounded by large Oak trees with beautiful dangling spanish moss. It’s been raining a lot, but that has not discouraged us from enjoying each other’s company. There has been lots of laughter, hugs, stories, and food shared among us and it has been really fun.  

Unfortunately I have not had time to write a fully researched post about body image. I have a few more topics in mind that I’ll get back to next week, but for now I’ll just share a few thoughts. 

This week has seen a lot of unforeseen circumstances get thrown at us. It’s been quite a week, to be honest. I’m feeling very anxious, and I as I type this I can feel that anxiety starting to bubble up again. I feel it in my chest and it makes my heart race a bit. Oh, it is really not a fun feeling. I know there is nothing I can do at this current moment to change our current circumstances, but yet that anxiety still creeps on in. 

One thing I have been doing throughout the week is meditation. If it’s 5 minutes in the morning or 20 before falling asleep, I have worked extra hard to make sure I’m getting at least 10 minutes in a day. I love how I feel after meditation – I usually feel a sense of peace and my fingers and toes get tingly. I feel like I’m floating after meditating. This helps me get through my busy day, stay productive, and think of realistic solutions to problems. It keeps me calm and from losing my mind. 

I notice that when I start to get really overwhelmed, I clench my jaw. This causes tension in my mouth and my face, typically right between my eyes. So, when I notice I’m clenching my jaw, I force myself to physically relax it. This small act throughout the week has also helped me embrace the inevitable crazy twists and turns that life likes to throw on our already full plate. 

So here I am, in this beautiful place, finding time to relax by myself. I am taking a moment to find calm in the present. I’m listening to the wind rustle the trees. I’m noticing the shadows the sun makes on the lush green grass. I’m feeling the sensation of wind blow my hair and the sun on my toes. I watch a butterfly go past. I hear some of the guys inside strategize at a board game. I watch the dogs chew on our firewood. This moment is fleeting, but I’m fully present. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s here and it’s now. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, or next year, or even an hour from now. But right now – I’m here. I’m breathing. I’m ok. Everything will all be ok.  


How do you ease anxiety? Where are your favorite places to gather your thoughts and meditate? 

Happy OM’ing and namaste. ❀ 

4 thoughts on “Fleeting Moments: Meditation

  1. Hi Beth
    Love your photos. It looks so beautiful there. We are approaching winter here and I’d love to be over there sitting under an oak tree in the warmth. I love your country.
    I also clench my jaw – have to keep being mindful of it. At least it’s a good way of telling I’m feeling tense. Thanks for visiting mamaneedsherbrainback – I’m glad it helped me to find your blog


    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚ those photos are taken at my husband’s grandparent’s house. It is very peaceful there in the country; I was fortunate to get to spend the long weekend there.
      Clenching the jaw is a good way to know when we’re feeling tense, that is true. Glad to know I’m not alone in that! πŸ™‚

      I love your blog and look forward to reading more in the future. Thanks for following me here!


  2. Thanks for this post, Beth. I’ve never regretting spending time in meditation but I neglect to do it on a regular basis. I appreciate the reminder. I’m not sure if I can make myself do it when I’m having a full blown anxiety attack but maybe if I did it more they would happen less often.


    1. Anxiety attacks are scary, for sure. I have tried deep breathing in those moments and it seems to help a little. I would imagine that doing more meditation would help keep them from happening. It’s definitely worth a shot. πŸ™‚


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