Hello, lovelies!

Today is a lot of things – Father’s Day, International Day of Yoga, and Summer Solstice! Shout out to all the awesome father’s out there, but mostly to my awesome Dad. (Hi, Dad!)

I’m putting my focus today, however, on the summer solstice. I have been finding myself more and more connected to nature. I am finding myself drawn to the outdoors the older I get. I find comfort and strength from the sun, the wind, the rain, the trees, the breeze, and the sounds of outside.

So, today I am celebrating the summer solstice. Unfortunately, it’s been raining all day here in my part of Texas, but I did some yoga. I focused mostly on my sun salutations as a way of honoring the sun. When I practice yoga at home, I use sun salutations as my base. I will always find a way back to those poses to ground my practice at home. I may end up in tree pose, or in triangle, but I always – always – find my way back to sun salutation.

The summer solstice marks the ending of the first half of the year and is also the longest day of the year. Today we will have the most sunlight (well, in theory… 😉 ) because the sun is directly overhead of us in the sky (Grieser, 2015).

For me, having all this sunlight is a way for me to further embrace nature and open myself to the possibilities that it has to offer me. What have I accomplished this year so far? What is motivating me? What things do I need to shed of myself that are no longer serving me? How can I use this radiant light to improve myself?

Today, I plan to do some more yoga, drink some tea, journal, and meditate. I am definitely celebrating the summer solstice the best way I know how – through looking inward on myself and finding ways to just be in this current moment.

If you need a little help honoring the sun, I made a video (the first ever for How Does That Make You OM? !!) on sun salutations. Our yoga teacher this week showed us a modification for chaturanga that I just loved and knew I had to share. Just perfect for this week’s post.


I’m curious…how are you celebrating this year’s summer solstice? What are you meditating on going forward in to the second half of the year? How do you honor the sun?

As always,
Happy OM’ing and namaste. ❤


Grieser, J. (2015, June 21). First official day of summer: questions and answers about the year’s longest day. The Washington Post. Retrieved from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/06/20/summer-solstice-2015-five-questions-and-answers-about-the-longest-day-of-the-year/

4 thoughts on “Honor the Sun: Summer Solstice

  1. Hi Beth
    Thanks for that -it’s so beautiful to honour the seasons and our connection to the earth. We are in the winter solstice here and I’m struggling to accept that and not wish for the summer. We had the shortest day yesterday and it is cold.

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    1. Isn’t it so nice to honor our deep soulful connections to the Earth? Such a lovely thing to be able to practice in our yoga journey. 🙂 I forget about the other side of the world and how everything is flipped! What is the shortest day of the year like over there? I personally like the cold but I know how emotionally draining it can get. Hang in there, it’ll be warm before you know it. Until then, do some sun salutations to warm up your spirits! Thanks for the comments and sending you all the warm wishes. ❤ ❤ ❤


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