Hello, lovelies! 

Yesterday my husband and I traveled from Texas to Montana. I love traveling. The thrill of seeing new places and having new experiences…it’s truly exhilarating. It’s one of my favorite things. 

One thing I don’t like about traveling is how hard it is to sometimes stay healthy and feeling like yourself after a day of airplane hopping and hanging out in airports. So today, I’m going to share some of my traveling tips. 

travel snacks larabar trail mix HEB 

I always like to have snacks with me, because airport snacks are expensive and you don’t always get snacks with the in flight beverage service. This trip, I tried to find snacks with little sugar in it to avoid that “sugar rush” feeling. I love Larabars, so that was a no brainer. The trail mix ended up helping us feel full and satisfied. 

travel clothes old navy target socks 

I always bring lots of layers for airport travel. You never know if the plane will be hot or cold. I always wear a scarf and bring warm socks if I’m wearing sandals or slip off shoes. 

carry on osprey pack gaiam travel mat books the bell jar sylvia plath larabar  

This was part of what went in my carry on for the trip. It was my first time using my Osprey pack and I’m super happy with how much stuff I got in there and how it didn’t feel like a ginormous load all over the airport. 


So I’ve never done yoga in the airport before, and I have to admit I was really scared to do it in front of people. But let me tell you something. I am usually a really anxious traveler. I’m afraid we’ll miss our connections or won’t get to our gate in time or our luggage will get lost or whatever. But since consistently practicing yoga, I found myseld yesterday being totally calm. I never once felt anxious. I was just happy about the fact that I was about to embark on a new adventure. I totally thank yoga for that. 

Another thing I hate about traveling is how stiff and “blah” you feel after a day of sitting in a small plane all day. I knew yoga would help with that so I did dancer pose, forward folds, and cat/cow in a chair at our gates yesterday. And you know what? I didn’t have that icky feeling when we arrived to Montana. 

Doing yoga in public can be scary, but I found that after I got up in to dancer pose, I didn’t really care because it felt so good. I dare you to try it sometime. Maybe on our return flights I’ll do a full sequence on my travel mat. 😉 

Follow our Montana adventure on Facebook and instagram @makeyouom! And make sure you share with me some of your favorite travel tips. 

Until next time, 

Happy OM’ing and namaste. ❤

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