Hello, lovelies! 

Last week, the husband and I went to Glacier National Park for three days. We ventured on the Going to the Sun Road, hiked to Apgar Lookout, canoed Lake McDonald, slept in a tipi, and hiked to Iceberg Lake. (We hiked a LOT. Like, 20 miles in 2 days. Our legs were dead by the end of it.) 

I was truly amazed at the beauty of Glacier. At one point, I just sat and cried because of the sights before me. To think the whole area was carved by ice is mind boggling. Just a beautiful place of nature. 

We were lucky to be on the other side of the park when the Reynolds Creek Fire started. We actually saw the beginnings of the fire from the trail hiking back to our hotel. I’m glad we were in a safe zone and am very thankful for our timing. 

Anyway, this post will be short as we are still on vacation and spending time with family. Here are some pictures of me doing yoga around Glacier National Park, though! Enjoy. 🙂 


Side plank at Lake McDonald  

Yoga outside our tipi 

Yoga inside our tipi after a long day of hiking   
  Down dog at Lake McDonald 

 Meditation in our lovely tipi. We stayed at Glacier Under Canvas – would definitely do again.  

Contemplating life at Iceberg Lake 
And this is what yoga looks like after hiking 20 miles in 2 days…child’s pose on a pillow. 🙂 

I tried to do as much yoga as possible, especially after hiking to keep my legs from getting stiff. I did some hip openers and happy baby poses the most to just relax. I used my husband’s belt to extend my legs to the side one at a time and it seemed to help. It’s hard to find the motivation to move after 20 miles, though. I don’t know how you marathoners do it. 😉 

What are some of your favorite national parks? Where do you like to do yoga outside? What poses do you like to do when you are being extremely active on vacation? Let me know! 

Until next time, 

Happy OM’ing and namaste. ❤ 

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