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Phew, what a crazy past few weeks I have had! The past two weeks have included me driving back and forth (four hours one way, with a puppy and once with a puppy and cat) between our new apartment and our current house. It’s included me closing up counseling with my clients at my current job, wrapping up loose ends for work there, and lots of packing up a three bedroom two bathroom house. Have I mentioned that our new apartment is 800 square feet, one bedroom, and one bath? Yes, we are significantly downsizing. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. I’m working towards being less materialistic and dream of living a more minimalist lifestyle. So, these two weeks have also consisted of donating lots and lots and lots of clothes, selling books and DVDs, and throwing out papers that I’ve held on to for 10+ years (not sure why I keep things that long…). Every weekend has had something going on with very little free time. Next week we officially move our furniture in to our new place, and I’m extremely excited. We spent our first night together in our apartment last night, and it was on an air mattress and our only furniture to sit on is plastic adirondack chairs for our balcony. I wasn’t complaining, but I’m ready to end this crazy chapter and start the next chapter in our lives.

Not being settled in one place is tremendously stressful to me, so I’ve been incorporating a lot of viparita karani in to my yoga practice the last several weeks. I have been getting a lot of stress headaches, which are never fun, and this pose is fabulous for headaches. You can do this pose literally anywhere, too. I’ve done it on my bed, from the couch, on the floor…wherever.

Practicing the pose in our new apartment. My dog wanted in on it, too. ;)
Practicing the pose in our new apartment. My dog wanted in on it, too. 😉

Formally called viparita karani, legs up on the wall pose is typically practiced as a restorative pose. I always practice it with a blanket or a pillow underneath my bottom for a little extra support and oomph.

I’ve heard of a couple of different ways to get yourself situated in this pose. The easiest way, for me, is to start with one side of your body up against the wall (I usually do my right side since that is my dominant side), and then just kind of swing your legs up as your top half lays on your back. (This Yoga Journal article has some great info on how to get in to the pose, things to pay attention to before, during, and after the pose, and other modifications.) I remember practicing this asana in a class once and the teacher brought sand bags around and put them on our feet…it felt fabulous. I’m just sayin’, there are so many different cool ways to practice this posture.

Here's another angle of the pose. Notice the pillow is a little higher up on my back - this is where it feels most comfortable for me. It'll be different for everyone.
Here’s another angle of the pose. Notice the pillow is a little higher up on my back – this is where it feels most comfortable for me. It’ll be different for everyone.

I love to just get in this asana, close my eyes, and breathe for several minutes. When my feet start to tingle, I put my legs on the wall in a 90 degree angle, and then move it back to up on the wall. If I have a headache, doing this makes it go away almost automatically.

My dog was so in to this!
My dog was so in to this!

What’s your favorite way to practice this pose? What benefits do you get from it? Do you have another restorative pose you’d like me to blog about? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Happy OM’ing and namaste. ❤

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