Hello, lovelies!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to participate in the annual Yoga On The Bridge in Dallas, Texas. Dallas has been putting on this event annually for four years now. It was a delightfully sunny and breezy day in Dallas, Texas. My girlfriends and I went to brunch at Smoke beforehand and then headed on down to the bridge. (If you find yourself at Smoke for breakfast/brunch, the blueberry ricotta pancakes are so good. I ate my whole plate.) There was live music, booths set up, food trucks, and a 5K that morning.

It was seriously a perfect day to do yoga outside. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring sunscreen and we got sunburned. First sunburn of 2016 for this ginger! They had free water throughout the event and free beer afterwards for yoga participants. I purchased a super cute and soft tank top and we gathered on our mats while we waited for the yoga to start. Turns out, 1,093 people came out to do yoga on the bridge yesterday! I have never shared my practice with that many people – it was a pretty unique experience!


The flow itself was taught by three different instructors from local yoga studios – Sync Yoga and Wellbeing and The Mat Yoga Studio. They started and ended with bridge pose, which I thought was fun, considering we were on a bridge. We flowed through sun salutations, warrior poses, standing poses, and ended with savasana. Savasana on a bridge was the experience from yesterday that stands out the most. While laying in savasana, I could hear the cars driving on the other side of the bridge and feel their vibrations underneath me. Regardless of the movement below me, I still emerged from my savasana feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

image1 (1)

I’m still wrapping my brain around the sheer amount of people that I flowed with yesterday. I was in the middle of it, so it’s difficult to imagine that many people being there with me. At one point during the practice, I noticed an airplane flying overhead and wondered what the passengers thought as they looked out the window at us; what a rainbow of mats and people on the bridge it must have been!

image3 (1)

All in all, it was a beautiful experience and I definitely want to participate again. I got to do yoga with a few of my best friends, chat with another DFW yogi who’s mat was about 6 inches away from mine, and practice in nature. What else do you need from a Saturday?!

One thing that has been on my yoga bucket list for a while has been to attend a yoga festival (specifically Wanderlust in Stratton, Vermont). While yesterday was by no means a yoga festival, it left me feeling like I attended something similar and only further fueled my desire to attend a yoga festival. It was really neat to see the different people who came together to practice yoga yesterday. Although, tip: don’t eat a full plate of delicious pancakes and then practice locust pose. Oof.

image2 (1)

If you were there yesterday, what were your experiences? Have you ever participated in a big yoga practice like this? 

6 thoughts on “Yoga On The Bridge 2016

  1. I was there! absolutely had a blast and was amazed with the turnout!
    I have done one other event with almost as many yogis… Rachel Brathen (my favorite yogi) taught a massive class at the Bomb Factory in Dallas last year and it was great!! I love being around that many yogis at a time ❤

    love and light!!

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    1. Oh that sounds fun, too!! Glad to hear you also had a great experience Saturday. I can’t wait to go again next year! Was it your first time at Yoga On The Bridge or had you been before?


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