Today was not my best day. 

I got stuck in traffic for 2 hours this morning, just to end up going …2 miles? 5? Obviously I didn’t make it to my destination, because I had been in traffic for two hours and by the time I would have arrived I would have been out of time to conduct my session. 

Did I mention I was in stand still traffic for two hours in the rain without caffeine in my system? Yeah. Today was not my best day. 

I went to the office after a wasted morning to do some paperwork. I was feeling overwhelmed and overworked and tense. I tried to remember to take deep breaths and take breaks in between paperwork and emails. They weren’t working! Where is my zen today? 

Today was not my best day. 

I forgot to eat. I ate lunch, barely, while working. That lunch included a cookie because, hey, I was stuck in traffic for two hours and missed my session and I deserve a freakin’ cookie.

I got a headache but I pushed through. I start to head home after a 9 hour work day – two of those hours being in traffic – only to hit the after work traffic. Yeah, today was not my best day. Every little thing was starting to annoy me. I decide I’m going to order a pizza for myself. Enter stress eating and unhealthy choices. 

I preach self care so often to my clients and colleagues; where was my self care today? 

I get home, finally, only to find the dog has had an accident on the carpet. Yep. Today was not our best day. I try to get some other work done but my computer isn’t working and I get really frustrated and take it out on my husband. (Sorry, husband. You take so much of my cranky aggression.) 

But eventually, my pizza comes. I eat more than half of it while watching Parks and Rec. I laugh. I start to see my headache go away a smidge. I drink water. Did I mention I didn’t drink much water today? Yes, today was not my best, but there was still room to turn it around. 

I lounge on the couch. I catch up on a favorite show (Jane The Virgin if you were gonna ask). I throw away the rest of the pizza because, really, I don’t need more pizza. I roll out my yoga mat and light a candle and grab my mala. I attempt a few sun salutations, but there’s that lurking headache back at it again. Instead of complaining and giving up my practice, I chill in child’s pose. I put my legs up on the wall. I do some easy seated twists. I practice alternate nostril breathing. And I repeat today’s mantra – relax – 108 times with the help of my mala. This was my pratice today, and it was enough. 

Yes, today was not the best. But it ended well. I found a happy spot.


I will end it with dog snuggles, curled up in bed with herbal tea and Gabrielle Bernstein’s book Spirit Junkie. I will end it with putting my cell phone down and reflecting on my day and what I can change. 

Not all of our days have to be great. Today was not my best day, but that’s ok. This is life. Tomorrow, I will try again. It may suck, too. But we will get on our mat and persevere. This is yoga. 


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