Phew, it feels like it’s been a while since I posted. It hasn’t really been crazy long, but I feel like I’ve neglected this a bit. For that, I’m sorry. I’ve been in the middle of a job transition, which is always hectic, and then went to New York City for a girl’s weekend over Easter. It’s been a mix of relaxing, treating my self (I had a full on “treat yo self” day last week which included a hair cut, mani/pedi, and meals with loved ones), and nights of no sleep and migraines. A very weird combo indeed for me, which ultimately led to a lack of desire to post. But, I’m getting back on track with my writing starting now. 

Last Thursday, my best friend and I flew to New York City to see our other best friend who moved there a few years ago. I’m so incredibly fortunate to have a group of girls who remains close knit almost 10 years after high school. We get together as regularly as we can and keep in touch through a facebook message that has been going since college. We’ve all grown and gone our separate ways, but we’re always there for each other. It’s something so special; it’s hard to put words to it. But it was time to take a trip to visit NYC. 

Getting in to the city was a little crazy. We ended up landing in Newark instead of Laguardia, later than expected, but there was indian food and wine awaiting our arrival in Harlem. Friday was a day full of Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and ferries. In all my trips to the city, I have never done those two landmarks. It was neat to learn the history and imagine how the immigrants felt seeing Lady Liberty pulling in to the harbor for the first time. Our country’s history is a little sad, so I felt a little gloomy after reading some things in the museum on Ellis Island. Considering where our current 2016 Presidential election stands right now, it doesn’t seem that we have evolved that much. Ultimately, I know this to not be the case, as I think most people are good and loving. But still, it was a little scary to think about for a while. 

Saturday we got tickets to see Chicago on Broadway, which is my favorite musical. I’ve seen it before, but man, it did not disappoint a second time. We laughed (and I sang) along with the show. From there, our lovely host took us to a speakeasy. Literally, it was behind a coffee shop. I was in heaven. A musical about the 20’s and then a speakeasy?! How perfect. (For those who don’t know, I had a Gatsby themed wedding. I’m obsessed.) 

Sunday, our last full day, was a lazy one. We slept in, had a late breakfast, binge watched “The Great British Baking Show”, had a leisurely stroll through part of Central Park, and had dinner cooked for us. It was a weekend full of delicious food, lots of good talks, a beautiful city, and even more special friends. I can’t wait to head back.   




  I’ve always loved you at Christmas time, but I love you in the spring, New York City. Your weather was fabulous. Your trees were budding. The grass was green and the food was good (as always). Keep being you and I will hopefully see you soon. 
Love you always, 

Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 1.25.17 PM

One thought on “Welcome to New York

  1. I love this whole thing. NYC is fabulous anytime, except maybe in August. I’m so glad you are carrying on your girlhood love. Glad I was some little part of it.


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