A week ago, I deleted facebook and twitter off my phone.

I’ve been having writer’s block lately, as you may have noticed by the lack of posts. I don’t know if it’s a lack of inspiration, or adjusting to my new schedule from work, or what. But I found myself always checking facebook and twitter on my phone. Just constantly refreshing to see if there were any new updates. Did anybody post anything exciting?

Most of the time, it was a post about everyday mundane things. Or a picture of someone’s kid. Or pets. Or Tasty videos. Or inspirational quotes. And sometimes, even worse – it was political posts.

I understand why people post these things. Facebook is a place to share with our friends and family random bits of our life. Babies, animals, vacations, and job updates are all a part of that. I share these things, too. And I love getting responses from people who love seeing what I post. It’s a fun way to interact with people I care about who I don’t get to see everyday.

But, I found that I was kind of using it as a distraction. I would open my phone at work when I was feeling overwhelmed and needing a break. But I would also find myself looking at it when I was bored, when I was at dinner with my husband, when I was out with my friends, and when I was laying in bed about to go to sleep with the intention of opening my book. It was becoming not only a fun way to share bits of my life, but a constant need to see what other’s are up to. And most of the time? It is stuff that can wait until I’m sitting down with my laptop. I don’t need to click “like” as soon as something gets posted. I don’t need to comment on every single pregnancy announcement or wedding post. I would much rather spend my time interacting and connecting with the people I’m physically with. Most of the time this is my husband and my pets, but they are definitely deserving of this attention.

And you know what? Giving that undivided attention to others has been rewarding for me, too. It’s giving me quality time and helping me feel fulfilled by opening up in a new way – without my smart phone.

I am by no means off of facebook and twitter, but this week I only checked them maybe…three times, total? Including today when I opened up my laptop to write this. I don’t get on my laptop as often as I do my phone, and this experience has been freeing. There have been days where I feel such an itch to download the apps again, but I fight it. I don’t want to give in. I now have the freedom to read more, practice more yoga, sit on the balcony and meditate, and laugh with my husband.


It reminds me of why I love our little place in Vermont – no wifi or cell phone service. When we go there, we truly unplug. While that may not be feasible in our technology infused world (for example: texting is a huge communication factor for my job), it’s nice to take a break and connect with nature and ourselves every once and a while. I guess me deleting facebook and twitter off of my phone is my little way of connecting with my favorite place in Vermont when I’m miles and miles away. It’s my way of rejuvenating my soul. I may not keep these apps off my phone forever, but I’m definitely loving feeling less plugged in.

Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 1.25.17 PM

6 thoughts on “Why I Deleted Facebook

  1. I love this post. Although I haven’t completely abandoned facebook, I did make some significant changes to cut down on the distraction. I often found myself drawn into political arguments that took me away from being productive, so I unfriended the people that were sucking up all my time. Facebook can be a huge waste of time if you let it.

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    1. Thank you, Jeremy! I haven’t completely abandoned facebook, either, but I’m checking it waaaay less. And I find that I’m not really even missing it! It’s making my interactions with my friends and family that much more special.

      I did unfollow a lot of people, so they don’t show up on my newsfeed. I was using facebook and twitter mostly for marketing my blog and seeing news, but I also find it can still be a distraction in that sense, too. I now just have a “breaking news” app that alerts me when major things are happening in the world. I don’t have to think about it/look for it and then I can research further if interested. And I can still check facebook and see what my friends are up to when I’m on my laptop. 🙂 Win win situation!

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  2. I love this! I have recently been having a debate with myself to delete Facebook altogether, but I don’t want to lose touch with people. Deleting it off your phone is an excellent idea! Thank you for your post.

    Louise 🙂

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