Fresh and Clean Camping Tips + Colorado Road Trip

Hello, lovelies! I apologize for the lack of post last week. My husband and I were unplugged and in Colorado. Our bucket list is to see all the National Parks. We started last year with Glacier National Park and have already been to Big Bend National Park in 2016, too. For our summer vacation, we … Continue reading Fresh and Clean Camping Tips + Colorado Road Trip

Welcome to New York

Phew, it feels like it's been a while since I posted. It hasn't really been crazy long, but I feel like I've neglected this a bit. For that, I'm sorry. I've been in the middle of a job transition, which is always hectic, and then went to New York City for a girl's weekend over … Continue reading Welcome to New York

Sugar Bender Into Spring

Confession: I have not done well on my cutting back on sugar goal. Last week I wrote about cutting back significantly on my sugar intake. This week was not the best testament to that goal. I started out really strong. I had a chai tea latte Monday morning and vowed that would be my only … Continue reading Sugar Bender Into Spring

Plant A Tree Pose

Hello, lovelies!  First of all, I want to apologize for not posting a blog last Sunday. We had just gotten back to our house after our vacation and I really just wanted to snuggle my pup and my kitty and lay down in my own bed. So, that's precisely what I did.  We had a … Continue reading Plant A Tree Pose

Travel: Glacier National ParkĀ 

Hello, lovelies!  Last week, the husband and I went to Glacier National Park for three days. We ventured on the Going to the Sun Road, hiked to Apgar Lookout, canoed Lake McDonald, slept in a tipi, and hiked to Iceberg Lake. (We hiked a LOT. Like, 20 miles in 2 days. Our legs were dead … Continue reading Travel: Glacier National ParkĀ 

Travel: How To Stay Zen

Hello, lovelies!  Yesterday my husband and I traveled from Texas to Montana. I love traveling. The thrill of seeing new places and having new's truly exhilarating. It's one of my favorite things.  One thing I don't like about traveling is how hard it is to sometimes stay healthy and feeling like yourself after a … Continue reading Travel: How To Stay Zen