I've always loved to read books. The first time (yes, first time) I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I read them in 3 days. I usually read books quickly. But in 2016, I slowed down a bit in my reading game. I suspect that completing a yoga teacher training had something to do with this, but … Continue reading Receive.

Dear Body: I Love You.

Hello, lovelies! I know I've mentioned Kathryn Budig's book Aim True before and how influential it has been to me during writer's block. In it, she challenges her readers to write their body a love letter. So Friday, on my day off, I sat on my balcony with my journal and I wrote. I wrote a … Continue reading Dear Body: I Love You.

Sugar Bender Into Spring

Confession: I have not done well on my cutting back on sugar goal. Last week I wrote about cutting back significantly on my sugar intake. This week was not the best testament to that goal. I started out really strong. I had a chai tea latte Monday morning and vowed that would be my only … Continue reading Sugar Bender Into Spring

Spring Cleaning My Relationship with Sugar

Hello, lovelies! It officially feels like spring here. We had a full week of rain and storms but there is now lots of green and blue skies! It's warming up but there's still a breeze and lots of flowers. It's beautiful. Spring always gets me in the mood to re-evaluate my goals. If you're a … Continue reading Spring Cleaning My Relationship with Sugar

Body Image: Resources

Hello, lovelies! What a beautiful weekend it has been. Friday was an incredible day to witness. I was sitting at my desk at work Friday morning when I heard that the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage was legal across all 50 states via Facebook. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy and tears immediately began … Continue reading Body Image: Resources

Body Image: Call Me Accepted

Sigh. I wasn't sure if I wanted to write a post about this or not. But, I've been talking about body image issues and acceptance for several weeks now, and you would have to live under a rock to not hear about this issue recently. Yep, I'm talking about Caitlyn Jenner. I had originally planned … Continue reading Body Image: Call Me Accepted

Body Image: Men and Stereotypes

Hello, lovelies! I hope every one has stayed safe the past few weeks. It has been flooding like crazy around these parts in Texas. Luckily, no one I know has been seriously affected but it has been pretty nuts to say the least. Today I am going to discuss body image again, but focusing on … Continue reading Body Image: Men and Stereotypes

Eye of the Beholder: Body Image

I love my Kindle. I was against it for a very long time because I honestly love the smell of books. Old books, new books - I could bathe in that smell. It's heavenly. So when my husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago, I at first thought I would never … Continue reading Eye of the Beholder: Body Image

Glossy Magazines & Loving Yourself: Body Image

Body image. Oh boy, is it everywhere. From TV commercials, to glossy magazines, to walking down the street, and even to children's classrooms. Classrooms, you guys. Yep. Kids are affected by what people are saying to their face and behind their back. They are affected by what society states is "beautiful." They are affected by … Continue reading Glossy Magazines & Loving Yourself: Body Image

Yoga & My Body: Comfortable

We all have something we dislike about our body, right? I know I do. The funny thing is, I didn't always. I grew up participating in all sorts of activities - girl scouts, ice skating (I was going to be the next Tara Lipinski), swimming, piano lessons, etc. My family put a lot of emphasis … Continue reading Yoga & My Body: Comfortable