Sahasrara: Somewhere Only We Know

Here we are, at the last chakra. Writing this chakra series has been really fun and eye opening for me. I hope you learned something from this journey about how balancing the chakras can help clients in counseling. I'm sure the chakras are a subject I will go back to on this blog again, because … Continue reading Sahasrara: Somewhere Only We Know

Ajna: Suddenly I See

Here we are, lovelies. The 6th chakra. This chakra hasn't fully clicked for me yet, and that's ok. The higher up in the chakras the harder it is to grasp some of the concepts that go along with it. I'm also feeling a little under the weather today (allergies, I'm hoping, and not something worse), … Continue reading Ajna: Suddenly I See

Visuddha: I’m Talking About Good Vibrations

Ahhh. The throat chakra. This week, we are on chakra five - visuddha. Again, I found myself drawn to the color associated with the chakra this week. I even painted my toenails blue a few days ago! I'm just finding it so interesting that I am subconsciously surrounding myself with the colors of the chakras … Continue reading Visuddha: I’m Talking About Good Vibrations

Anahata: All You Need Is Love

Good morning, lovelies! This week we are discussing anahata, the heart chakra. I did not feel a sense of connection researching anahata like I did manipura, but it was fun reading about the heart chakra over St. Patrick's Day week. This chakra's color is green, so I found myself drawn to that color pretty naturally … Continue reading Anahata: All You Need Is Love

Manipura – Here Comes The Sun

Hello, loves! Ahh. Manipura. What a blessing it was to research manipura this week. I had some major lightbulbs go off for me while researching this chakra. I think this chakra is my weakest, personally. I have been doing some asanas to help balance it over the week and I love it. It's interesting how … Continue reading Manipura – Here Comes The Sun

Svadhisthana – Let’s Get Physical

Hello lovelies! My post today is going to be all about svadhisthana, the second chakra. I started my chakra series last week, so if you missed it, make sure you read about what the chakras are and catch up with my muladhara post. I'll give you a minute to catch up. Alright, feeling grounded? Let's … Continue reading Svadhisthana – Let’s Get Physical

Muladhara – What Is There to Fear?

Hello, loves! At the beginning of the year, I hadn't found a class or teacher that I really loved yet at my yoga studio. I'm still fairly new to my studio; my job is hectic and the holidays made it really hard to go consistently. Around the end of January, though, I found a teacher … Continue reading Muladhara – What Is There to Fear?