Embracing Being Introverted

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all have had a great first week of November. It is finally starting to feel like fall here in Texas - I even busted out my boots and leather jacket for the first time this season! (Hey, we have to get excited about those small things, right?!) I can't believe … Continue reading Embracing Being Introverted

Ajna: Suddenly I See

Here we are, lovelies. The 6th chakra. This chakra hasn't fully clicked for me yet, and that's ok. The higher up in the chakras the harder it is to grasp some of the concepts that go along with it. I'm also feeling a little under the weather today (allergies, I'm hoping, and not something worse), … Continue reading Ajna: Suddenly I See

Visuddha: I’m Talking About Good Vibrations

Ahhh. The throat chakra. This week, we are on chakra five - visuddha. Again, I found myself drawn to the color associated with the chakra this week. I even painted my toenails blue a few days ago! I'm just finding it so interesting that I am subconsciously surrounding myself with the colors of the chakras … Continue reading Visuddha: I’m Talking About Good Vibrations