Sugar Bender Into Spring

Confession: I have not done well on my cutting back on sugar goal. Last week I wrote about cutting back significantly on my sugar intake. This week was not the best testament to that goal. I started out really strong. I had a chai tea latte Monday morning and vowed that would be my only … Continue reading Sugar Bender Into Spring

1 Month of No Meat: What I’ve Learned

Hello, lovelies! Today marks exactly one month that I have not eaten meat. While I haven't been eating meat regularly since August of 2015, I had my last piece of meat on December 24, 2015, when we were in Pennsylvania for Christmas on a slice of pizza. Here's what I've learned so far: -The holidays … Continue reading 1 Month of No Meat: What I’ve Learned

Plant A Tree Pose

Hello, lovelies!  First of all, I want to apologize for not posting a blog last Sunday. We had just gotten back to our house after our vacation and I really just wanted to snuggle my pup and my kitty and lay down in my own bed. So, that's precisely what I did.  We had a … Continue reading Plant A Tree Pose

Honor the Sun: Summer Solstice

Hello, lovelies! Today is a lot of things - Father's Day, International Day of Yoga, and Summer Solstice! Shout out to all the awesome father's out there, but mostly to my awesome Dad. (Hi, Dad!) I'm putting my focus today, however, on the summer solstice. I have been finding myself more and more connected to … Continue reading Honor the Sun: Summer Solstice

Just Be Patient & Don’t Worry

"Today we're going to slow it down. A lot." Those are the words my yoga instructor said, excitedly, at the beginning of my yoga class this week. Inside, I groaned. I hadn't stepped foot inside my yoga studio since February - I got in to a car wreck on my birthday, was running around like … Continue reading Just Be Patient & Don’t Worry

Muladhara – What Is There to Fear?

Hello, loves! At the beginning of the year, I hadn't found a class or teacher that I really loved yet at my yoga studio. I'm still fairly new to my studio; my job is hectic and the holidays made it really hard to go consistently. Around the end of January, though, I found a teacher … Continue reading Muladhara – What Is There to Fear?