Depression: Breathing

Hello, lovelies! Several weeks ago, I started a small series on depression. I got a little sidetracked, with moving and starting a new job, but I'm coming back around to this series now! A few posts back, I discussed how yoga helps with depression. I've been reading a wonderful book about yoga and depression by … Continue reading Depression: Breathing

Sahasrara: Somewhere Only We Know

Here we are, at the last chakra. Writing this chakra series has been really fun and eye opening for me. I hope you learned something from this journey about how balancing the chakras can help clients in counseling. I'm sure the chakras are a subject I will go back to on this blog again, because … Continue reading Sahasrara: Somewhere Only We Know

Manipura – Here Comes The Sun

Hello, loves! Ahh. Manipura. What a blessing it was to research manipura this week. I had some major lightbulbs go off for me while researching this chakra. I think this chakra is my weakest, personally. I have been doing some asanas to help balance it over the week and I love it. It's interesting how … Continue reading Manipura – Here Comes The Sun