I've always loved to read books. The first time (yes, first time) I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I read them in 3 days. I usually read books quickly. But in 2016, I slowed down a bit in my reading game. I suspect that completing a yoga teacher training had something to do with this, but … Continue reading Receive.

What Vegetarianism Is Not

Hello, lovelies! Today's post will be short but sweet. Ever since starting this blog, I tossed around the idea of getting published on other sites, magazines, and other written word platforms. I was unsure of where to start and seriously lacking the confidence to do this. So, I just continued to write posts for my … Continue reading What Vegetarianism Is Not

Cutting Out Sugar: My Week With Lemons in My Hot Tea

Hello, lovelies! A few months ago I wrote about my struggle with sugar consumption. I am definitely addicted to that sweet stuff. Just writing about it now is causing me to feel the comfort of biting in to a treat. It really does cause something akin to comfort, doesn't it? I can picture myself biting … Continue reading Cutting Out Sugar: My Week With Lemons in My Hot Tea

Vegan “Oreo” Cake

Chocolate cake. It's one of the world's most simple pleasures. When you take a bite of a delicious, moist, sweet, chocolate cake? Oh, that's a great moment. I have always loved to bake. I can remember helping my mom make chocolate chip cookies and brownies and cakes growing up. I never really was interested in … Continue reading Vegan “Oreo” Cake

Not Eating Meat: My Journey

Hello, lovelies! I've always been a fan of New Year's Resolutions. I don't always stick to them, but I like the idea behind them. Making a goal for yourself is always a good thing - I do it all the time, not just for a new year. Sometimes the goals are small, sometimes they are … Continue reading Not Eating Meat: My Journey

Body Image: Juice Fast (Reboot With Joe)

Hello, lovelies! Last weekend I did a three day juice fast. I bet most of you are thinking "Why?!" Well, that's what I'm here to tell you about. Since blogging about body image, I've been thinking about my own relationship with food and my body. I tend to have a habit of eating when I'm … Continue reading Body Image: Juice Fast (Reboot With Joe)

Body Image: Men and Stereotypes

Hello, lovelies! I hope every one has stayed safe the past few weeks. It has been flooding like crazy around these parts in Texas. Luckily, no one I know has been seriously affected but it has been pretty nuts to say the least. Today I am going to discuss body image again, but focusing on … Continue reading Body Image: Men and Stereotypes

Glossy Magazines & Loving Yourself: Body Image

Body image. Oh boy, is it everywhere. From TV commercials, to glossy magazines, to walking down the street, and even to children's classrooms. Classrooms, you guys. Yep. Kids are affected by what people are saying to their face and behind their back. They are affected by what society states is "beautiful." They are affected by … Continue reading Glossy Magazines & Loving Yourself: Body Image