Anahata: All You Need Is Love

Good morning, lovelies! This week we are discussing anahata, the heart chakra. I did not feel a sense of connection researching anahata like I did manipura, but it was fun reading about the heart chakra over St. Patrick's Day week. This chakra's color is green, so I found myself drawn to that color pretty naturally … Continue reading Anahata: All You Need Is Love

Svadhisthana – Let’s Get Physical

Hello lovelies! My post today is going to be all about svadhisthana, the second chakra. I started my chakra series last week, so if you missed it, make sure you read about what the chakras are and catch up with my muladhara post. I'll give you a minute to catch up. Alright, feeling grounded? Let's … Continue reading Svadhisthana – Let’s Get Physical