Perfection is Overrated

Hello, lovelies! This week was BUSY, but full of lots of good things. We get the awesome chance to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year. Yesterday, we had Thanksgiving with my side of the family, then later this week we'll travel to spend actual Thanksgiving with his side of the family. Lots of good times and … Continue reading Perfection is Overrated

Fleeting Moments: Meditation

Hello lovelies!  It's Memorial Day weekend and I've been spending it with my husband and a handful of our friends out in the country in a secluded house. We are surrounded by large Oak trees with beautiful dangling spanish moss. It's been raining a lot, but that has not discouraged us from enjoying each other's … Continue reading Fleeting Moments: Meditation

Quickie: A Week Off And NOLA

Oh boy. I apologize for not having a more prepared chakra post today. I took last week off and thought to myself "this will give me more time to read about and prepare my next chakra post!" but yeah, that didn't happen. I think I was off my routine and just enjoying being in the moment … Continue reading Quickie: A Week Off And NOLA